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    Default Ribbons - what to do with them

    Well I had resisted any new audio gear for sometime - but talked myself into splurging on a new piece of gear, an Audio Technica AT4080 ribbon.

    Well, I must say this is a totally different animal than what I am used to. Placing in a spot about 20" from the 14th fret which would work nicely with a cardioid condenser for acoustic guitar was ugh muddy and I determined that the proximity effect is considerably more than what I am accustom to. So far I have found that it sounds better (maybe fantastic) at least 3' out and the aim has a much more effect on the tone. And then you also have much more room sound. Wow there is a lot to consider!

    So any ribbon suggestions, success stories and usage considerations appreciated...
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    I have a CAC Fathead and I reach for mine whenever I'm recording a flute or bluegrass fiddle. I don't care for it on an acoustic guitar but have
    used it on a nasal vocalist. Oh, also (and this is a big one) on heavy metal guitar cabs. It helps calm that "loose bees in a box" sound. I might try it on other bowed instruments that exhibit too much "rosin" sound too... just experiment and you'll make your own list.
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    Default Re: Ribbons - what to do with them

    I have a Cowley and Tripp naked eye ribbon which I have successfully on piano accordion and guitar amps. Am recording electric guitar with it at present with good results.


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    I love my Beyer M160 on violin. And have used a pair of them over cymbals with good results.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Angie View Post
    I love my Beyer M160 on violin.
    How could you not? I remember you had linked a P. Glass performance with a soloist you had recorded that sounded rather spectacular...

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