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    Default OT: New Convolution Reverb - Free

    Good day,

    Came across this little tid-bit ... and it is free: Convology XT Convolution Reverb

    I have not tested this plug-in out...not sure if I will as Valhalla's are doing well for me.

    PS: This is a 192MB download and you do have to create an account. Just installed it, a serial number is provided and you will require your name and email address to complete the installation. Works in SAW. but not SAC - reported 288 samples.
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  2. Default Re: OT: New Convolution Reverb - Free

    There is a "zero latency option" in the plugins settings so it can work in SAC.
    I have done a little testing and so far SAC has frozen twice so I'm not going to use this plugin!
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