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    Default Wanted: Kontakt or Komplete!

    Good day,

    For whatever reasons 1) I have lost the license information for Kontakt and 2) NI cannot find any record of my purchase, even though the application is listed as registered to me. Weird!

    As versions of Kontakt prior to V5.7 are now consider as "deprecated", I cannot purchase or obtain a license for v5.3. A purchase of v5.7 is priced close to v6, so I have no desire at all to go this route.

    I have no desire to move to v6 - too Windows 10ish for me, and v6 does appear to have issues with a number of DAWS at present.

    So, if anyone has Kontakt - or Komplete for that matter, that they are not using and/or wish to sell - it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.
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