Good day,

Part 1
Years ago - I believe back in 2014, we had a home fellowship where I had been re-arranging MIDI'd hymns for use with a number of sample libraries that I had collected over the years.

On performing some data cleanup, I came across the various hymn .edl's. that I had saved during that time However, I thought that I had lost the HDD that contained all of the sample libraries that I had used for those re-arrangements - and, more specifically, the numerous sample libraries which I had customized for this very purpose.

I remember selling a used Dell OptiPlex 790 to a client. Due to a motherboard failure with that system - after some 5 years of usage, I obtained for him a replacement system. As I was getting ready to "gut" the system for used components, I noticed - tucked away under the CD drive, a disconnected HDD. On removing the HDD, I discovered that it was a WD 150Raptor HDD. Wondering just what this HDD was, I connected the HDD to a docking station and "lo-and-behold", it was the HDD containing all of the sample libraries.

For whatever reason - cranial deprivation is what I attribute this to, I left the WD drive in that system and then sold it. Thankfully, I also kept "detailed files" on just what instrumentation was used in those re-arrangements. So now I am able to review those edl's and rebuild that library of hymns.

Part 2
What I find particularly interesting is just how nice it is to work with MSW. I find it much, much nicer - and definitely more efficient, to work with MWS that any other MIDI-based application that have ever worked with. In particular, I just love the seamless integration between MWS and SS. I mean it just does not get any better that this!

I am not too sure what others seem to have to complain about with regards to the "so-called" limited capabilities MWS, but even after some 4+ years absence, I am finding my way back to the RML methodology of working with MIDI - and may I say, whilst sipping away on a nice cool glass of vintage Kool-Aid! Pardon me - just could not resist that one!

Does any one else have stories to share?