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    Default Free KONTAKT Piano

    Good day,

    "Ya know" the past, I have spent a considerable amount of money on various piano sample libraries and though many are good, none have really peaked my interest - until now that is!

    A fellow by the name of Bengt Nilsson has developed two pianos:

    1) The Headroom Piano - with 5 velocity layers, 2 mic positions, individual EQ, pan and width.
    2) The Intimate Piano - with 1 velocity layer, 2 mic positions, individual pan and width.

    In particular, I really like the "Headroom Piano - Empty Bar" library. In KONTAKT, I have created a Multi using a single instance of the Headroom Piano - Empty Bar library and two instances of the Intimate Piano-Cosy libraries - one panned left and the other panned right. This makes for a very nice combination - at least to my ears.

    You can obtain both libraries in a single ZIP file here: [Click_me] ... and they are both free!
    * ZIP size is 196MB.

    So, enjoy!

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    Default Re: Free KONTAKT Piano

    Thanks 335 - I'll give it a test drive.

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