Good day,

Some time ago, I used the Himhui & Sandman's SAClike Shade 1.02B for SAWStudio - as I wanted both SAC and SAW to have the same "look and feel".

I then performed some minor "tweaks" to the SAClike Shade and to the original SAC shade, and finally updated both the tweaked SAC and SAW shades to 64-bit.

I was attempting to make MWS look like my SAC/SAW combo - but I simply do not have the graphical skills to do this.

Therefore, I was wondering if there was anyone on the forum who could help me with this shade update? I would be happy to pay for your services.

The following are some images of the SAC/SAW combo, and finally what I have been able to replicate with MWS...
PS: Apparently there are some issues with the Forum and uploading attachments and such, so I will provide links to the images I have stored on my Web-site:


So, please let me know...appreciate it!