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  1. Default Please post examples of advanced or extreme scene usage.

    For some reason I woke up this morning thinking about new frontiers for scene usage. Please post any cool examples you have of advanced or extreme scene usage. I am sure there are MANY cool examples that many of us haven't thought of yet.

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    I made one scene that reestablishes my default channel order and several other scenes that have a copied channel, used as a send for a throw echo, next to the channel (vocal, guitar, etc.) that is being thrown, so I can easily use the motorized faders to have more control over the original signal and the echo send. The default channel scene restores the channel order when I am not going crazy with the echo send.

    Another idea I had for Del Castillo (a Latin/Rock band I sometime mix, that has frequently switching guitar soloists) is to have a scene that puts the soloist in the center, panning-wise, with an adjacent echo throw send fader, while the backing guitar is spread to the sides with Haas delays. When the other guy solos, this gets reversed. There would be a default scene that puts the guitar back where they were in the stereo filed, while the lead vocalist is singing.

    I already have a scene that switches the inputs between live inputs and SAW for virtual sound checks or perfecting a mix at home later from the comfort of my house. I use this to test all sorts of things offline and then add them in to an actual show later.

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    I have 3 Scenes for my Return Channels with saved FX Settings small Reverb, medium Reverb, large Reverb. I import these scenes to every new mixfile.
    Instead of muting Return Channels for Vocal Reverb i have 2 Scenes Voc Rev on and Voc Rev off. These Scenes have saved settings for aux on and off for the Voc Channels.
    I use scenes as mute Groups (for example Band on an Band off)
    Its really nice to combine several scene, where every scene is only a snipplet of "small Parts" of a whole mixfile which you can load very quick per Mausklick.

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    I don't do anything really exotic with Scenes as my needs are not that extreme. I do musicals with SAC and typically create around 150 or more scenes for each musical, with most being microphone pickups (plus the odd Effects send needed). Combine that with around 50 or more music and SFX cues on my laptop and it makes for a busy mix.

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    Default Re: Please post examples of advanced or extreme scene usage.


    I use scenes in SAC which are entirely controlled by the Control Track in SAW.

    These edl's are then used in Show Control to run an entire show.

    I use a Pause.edl which consists of a [Stop Playback] command using a 3 second blank wave file.
    * The use of a Pause.edl allows me to halt the show for an indefinite period of time until the [Spacebar] is selected - thus resuming the show.
    * Each set then is separated by a Pause.edl.

    I also use the Pause.edl - renamed as Emcee, where the Control Track calls the appropriate scene in SAC for using a mic. When I am done with that session, I press the [Spacebar] which calls a scene mute, which then carries on with the next session.

    The Electric Guitar sessions run back-to-back - usually consisting of four to six sessions. The Control Track triggers scenes in SAC which, in turn, trigger presets in the amp-sim. Thus I can perform an entire set without ever having to touch a pedal - not anything, just play! What a wonderful feature set!

    Anyhow, that is just a bit of what I do with SAC and SAW.

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