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    Has anyone used the Sound Radix Drum Leveler plugin with SAC or SAW? I am really impressed with the graphic interface and the "two thresholds" concept. There is a Youtube overview video here:

    I have seen other plugins that have evolved their interface to include the RTA history that shows the compression kicking in as dips in the threshold history line. The iZotope plugins do this and this kind of thing is featured prominently in their latest Neutron channel plugins, which communicate with each other to do advanced sidecain "de-masking", like kick drum hits triggering dips in the bass channel to get out of the way of the kick. I had the opportunity to mix some live shows at a club that has an Allen & Heath GLD-80. The compression page on that console has the same sort of "history" display, so you can see a graphic representation of the compressor kicking in, attack, release, etc. I can imagine a parallel universe, where SAC and SAW had this kind of thing built in to the channel strip, Leveler plugin and such. I know the network load may have been to steep for this kind of thing in the past, but perhaps it is possible in the new 64 bit versions. I think I had Drum Leveler working as a single instance in SAC a while back, but I ditched it, because it wasn't too stable.

    Any thoughts on these types of plugins, displays, etc.?

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    Here is a video overview of the iZotope Neutron 3 plugin suite, if you haven't already checked it out. They certainly have some interesting interface innovations.

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    I have seen versions of this kind of "history" display in several plugins by iZotope, Sound Radix and even on an Allen & Heath GLD console:

    That would be a cool and useful display for any channel strip, virtual or otherwise.
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