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    Default SOT: Slate Digital and Overloud's TH-U

    Good day,

    A very, very impressive review, as well an impressive console...whatever it is...[Click_me]

    I presently own most of the "name brand" sims. I have rented a Helix, tried the Native Helix as well, tried the Eleven rack, have not tried an AXE FX yet...though for the cost I really do not see myself obtaining one.

    Of them all, the two that I would suggest would be Scuffham's S-Gear - though development has been stalled for some time now, and...of course...Overloud's TH-U. Thought Overloud - and others, it would seem, focus on "metal sounds" - which I am not interested in at all, TH-U producers some of the biggest clean sounds I have yet heard from a sim/modeler. If there is a down-side to TH-U - it is the sheer number of presets to weed-through - some 1831 at last count!! Now that is a lot of presets....though Guitar Rig probably has more.

    The only concern that I have for S-Gear is the licensing scheme - use the 'Net-based one or use an iLok. Due to the problems that I have had in the past with the 'Net-based version, I opted for the iLok version - but both require a number of really unnecessary hoops to go through to get the app installed. I have been able to install TH-U in a somewhat "portable-mode" for "off-Net" usage.

    The Rig Player add-on for TH-U is really quite impressive Mr. Slate has pointed out in the above review.

    A very interesting sim was free "GreenMachine" - developed use SynthEdit, though there is only the 32-bit version out there.

    If anyone is interested however, have a look at ToneLib-GFX - this app is free and is well-worth a peep.

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    Default Re: SOT: Slate Digital and Overloud's TH-U

    Thanks for that, Dell. I am very interested in algorithmic amps as an idea. But, I've been very disappointed with the ones I've listened to in the past - particularly the tube ones. There's a relationship between the pickup and the tube that seems to be very difficult to emulate in code. I have to admit though that I really liked all three of the ones in the TH-U demo. I thought I could hear slight differences in the first two - but not in the Champ. I listened to it a couple of times and I couldn't tell. And the slight missing complexity that I thought I noticed in the others wouldn't be enough to stop me from using them. Those were pretty short clips. I wonder whether I'd still be fooled if that was extended to other, longer, pieces?

    Your missive comes just a few days after I read this review of the Helix software: from a source that I think of as reliable (Sound on Sound magazine). One line in the review stood out to me:
    "...However, guitar rig modelling technology has now got to the point where many (although not all) guitar players are finding that the top tier of modellers can match that traditional approach."

    It's been a few years. Maybe it's time for me to re-explore software amps. I have a VG-8 that I liked a lot, for what it was, until it developed age problems. But, I never thought it duplicated particular guitars or amps convincingly. I just liked the sounds I could coax out of it. This seems different.

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