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    Default Analog mixer suggestions

    I have a Mackie onyx 1220 with a firewire interface. I am on my third firewire card that requires the legacy driver to work with win-10 on a HP. It turns out the legacy firewire driver does not work in recent builds of windows. Also unfortunate is that the HP PC's chipset or some other components are incompatible with win7 as the initial install works - but the screen consistently goes black at some point in the install.

    Studio64 works fine on the HP, a Behringer air x16 and win10 - but the mixer has no interface.

    Over the years, I had tried many many different setups, (digital mixers, outboard converters...) but stopped trying things once I got that analog mixer, with each channel and the main mix having a ADC, as it sounded and works great, and was simple, predictable and reliable - but in it's current roll, could use a few more channels, as it has only 4 mic-pres and a handful of mono or stereo line-ins (I also use a couple of outboard mic-pres). I would just continue using this setup, if not for the firewire issue (at this point, I should mention technology really sucks).

    I am still using 32bit SS on a P4 - but the reason I bought 64 and the HP that is sitting around, is that these things don't last forever (although never plugging it into the internet is allowing it to try).

    So I am considering replicating what I have - with a couple more channels. The current versions of the onyx do not have a converter (and the talk I have heard is they are not as solid as the older Mackies).

    I figured you guys you guys might weigh in on a quality analog mixer with built in converters, a contemporary digital audio interface like usb2 or 3, and a solid driver.

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