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    Default Re: OT: Recommended On-line Disk Imaging Solution?


    I am not too sure if I agree with your statement, "Ya gotta have some level of computer literacy"?

    Many of my clients are "Notaries" and I use the same procedure at each location.

    1. A small fireproof safe has been acquired to store all of the portable backup HDD's.
    2 All data is stored on a local server.
    3. All disk images of the server and workstations are copied to a portable HDD and which is then stored on-site in the safe.
    4. Every evening the data on the server is backed-up to a local NAS.
    * It would not be at all difficult to substitute disk imaging here.
    5. Every Thursday evening, the data from the NAS is copied to a portable HDD.
    * For whatever reason, client's tend to prefer taking this HDD home with every week-end.
    6. A second portable HDD is used to replace the one currently in the client's possession or that is stored in the safe.
    7. Each and every Thursday evening, the client swaps out one portable HDD for the other.
    8. All other processes are fully automated.

    Note: All the client is required to remember is two things,
    1) change one portable HDD for the other, - which are labeled as A and B, and
    2) take the portable HDD home with them or to store that portable HDD in the safe each and every Thursday evening.
    * An acquaintance of mine wrote a script that ensures that the proper portable HHD is used and which would then notify the client of such.

    That is pretty much it.

    For disk imaging I use Macrium Reflect and for backup I use Cobian Backup 11. Both applications are available for free.

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    Default Re: OT: Recommended On-line Disk Imaging Solution?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Labrecque View Post
    Dave -- I'm only making alternative suggestions as I see them about to spend what I think is too much. They just want to feel safer with their data than they do now. They're driving the ideation around this. I'd just hate to see them make a budgetary mistake, so I'm chiming in.

    The situation is that I'm my client's (podcaster) recording computer guy, but she had a recent email malware issue with her business laptop, so she's gone to a local company (this is back in Tucson) who have quoted her $215/month for a cloud-based imaging backup service (ShadowProtect), along with some anti-virus and remote control software, for all three of her computers (she's adding a desktop to her office) -- all of which they would monitor day-to-day, allegedly. It just seems like overkill to me (and overpriced).

    But I'm not there, and I'm not a computer expert, so the best I can do is make suggestions. At this point, I've expressed my concerns and encouraged her to at least get a couple of competitive bids. But I recognize that if they want to feel better about security, I'm not the guy to do that for them; I can only make suggestions, and even then, as I said, I'm no expert.

    If it were me, I'd have a local HD dedicated to daily image updates from all three computers on the network and back that up to "the cloud" as data, a redundant copy of the three images. But I'm not comfortable taking on the role of making sure that all works as it should day-to-day for a client, let alone being responsible if there are problems up the road. So here we are.
    Ah... Understood. Thanks for explaining the situation. Good luck!

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    Default Re: OT: Recommended On-line Disk Imaging Solution?

    Quote Originally Posted by mr_es335 View Post

    I am not too sure if I agree with your statement, "Ya gotta have some level of computer literacy"?
    Did you see the preceding sentence? "Of course, this applies to any backup program that anyone wants to self-manage."

    There's self-manage, and there's Dell-manage. The latter is a wonderful thing to have, of course.

    Though I see you may have interpreted my use of the term "backup program" as "backup regimen." I meant it as "backup software application."
    Dave "it aint the heat, it's the humidity" Labrecque
    Becket, Massachusetts

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    Default Re: OT: Recommended On-line Disk Imaging Solution?

    I remember someone, I don't know if it was here or on another group, who worked out an interesting deal with his next door neighbor. Each keeps a NAS in their basement, and they ran a network cable between their houses. The two NAS units image to each other on a nightly basis.

    I definitely would not use any cloud-based utility as a primary backup. I could see it as a secondary, though.
    Cary B. Cornett
    aka "Puzzler"

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