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    Default CPU Core Voltage Error @ 3.920v

    Hello Everyone,
    Its been days now and I cannot solve this. It started happening when I plugged my Sweetwater Creation Station v450 into the Furman Surge Protector. There was a small electrical spark while inserting the plug now the computer boots directly into the BIOS showing an over voltage error. The CPU Core Voltage is currently at 3.920 V. I have done everything including replacing the motherboard battery, cleared and updated the BIOS. No such luck still boots into the BIOS with no access to windows. Is it possible that the PSU is the issue?
    Please advise.

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    Default Re: CPU Core Voltage Error @ 3.920v

    Unfortunately I believe the voltage regulators are on the MB.

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    Default Re: CPU Core Voltage Error @ 3.920v

    Most bios will list the hardware make sure that it see your harddrive. You also should make sure the cables to it are inserted correctly - maybe reinserting. You should do this with the power-supply cable as well and reinsert the ram - I wouldn't do this with the cpu - except as a last ditch effort where you have tried everything else and are confident it will not start - as you may loose your best heatsink contact.

    Also see if you can make it boot off a usb or other device.

    I don't know how old your machine is - but several years ago there was a great deal of motherboards manufactured with defective capacitors (and I suspect there is the occasional bad or poorly soldered one under the best of circumstances and also aging solder can grow needle like projections that can damage a circuit - particularly as layout dimensions have shrunk). The electrolytic capacitors frequently have a little x scribed on the top of the can if that area is bulged or looks of leaking goo it can be a tell of a failed capacitor. At work, we had a fleet of dells with this issue, surprisingly, in some cases they would sometimes continue to run - more often that was not the case - otherwise, why was I looking at them. The point is that situation could compromise protection for power-on surges...

    Anyway, if you have something that looks bad in addition to what you have described the motherboard is probably toast

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