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    Default OT: System Setups

    Good day,

    Over the past few months...if anything but to keep from getting too overly bored during this lock-down period, I have been testing out a new procedure for tweaking both WIN7 and WIN10 systems for digital audio usage.

    These procedures were first tested in depth by moi...then offered to a few acquaintances of mine and thus far, they have been both very, very pleased and impressed with the end results.

    Therefore, if there are a few of you that have a spare system sitting by that you would like "tweaked to death" I would be "pił che soddisfatto" to offer this service to no charge...other than shipping charges "to-and-fro'.

    A couple of caveats here...first, that both the OS/hardware be Pro versions...WIN7 Pro, WIN10 Pro, and second, the use of an SSD for the boot drive - especially for Windows 10!!
    * Note: If you are looking for a suggestion for WIN10...please consider the LTSC version...and for as little as $5.00 US!

    Anyhow, just a suggestion-or-two for those that may be interested.

    Vi auguro una buona giornata!
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