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    Default Re: Channel Names Not Transferring to Monitor

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    What version of SAC are you using?

    New versions added the following feature set - v4 onwards, I do believe:

    Link FOH Partial Chans To All Mixers
    Under the list of Mixer switches you will see an option called Link FOH Partial Chans To All Mixers. This option makes it easy to create scenes that operate on a group of channels across all mixers. Instead of having to select all channels on each mixer separately for scenes that you want to operate across multiple mixers... simply select the channels on the FOH mixer and turn ON this option... the partial listbox will display the list of channels and will display that they are selected for All Mixers.

    I have never fully (even partially, really) grasped the Partial Chans concept. I think it means to only make changes to selected channels. Unless I did it by mistake, I have not used this function.

    I am thinking I may need to start fresh with a new session, however that will take some time. It seems strange that this problem is only affecting my one monitor. I just had a thought. In my scenes, I am only applying changes to Mon13. I only wish to work with that Mixer as it is the one I am using for the streaming audio. FOH and all musician mixes are unaltered. Maybe I don't have something selected that I should, or have something selected that I should not.
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    Default Re: Channel Names Not Transferring to Monitor


    Partial Channels is - if I understand correctly, is simply a means of being able to reduce the amount of information that a scene will store.

    The Scene Properties provides 79 parameters x 25 mixers = 1975 possible parameters.

    If I am only updating a single channel, then I would use the Partial Channels option.

    I hope this makes sense?

    PS: What version of SAC are your using?

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    Default Re: Channel Names Not Transferring to Monitor

    If you are using scenes and you have the chan label option selected, then the label will change according to what is saved in the scene... if you do not want labels to change, then de-select the input (return or Out) label option in the scene properties.

    Bob L

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