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    Default SOT: The "story"...

    Good day one and all!

    Just "curiosity my man"...but how many have read "My Story - The Early Years" and "My Story - After IQS"?

    For those that are neophytes...or for those that never taken a moment-or-two to do so, I strongly recommend that you read that story.

    Why? Because it is story of how you and I were able to become "SAW-er'"s and "SAC-ers"!

    Just think...without Bob's and I might have had to resort to using...Oh No! No...anything but that! ...resort to...resort "PRO TOOLS"!!
    • Here is a testament to what happens to those without the use of SAWStudio and SAC: [Click_Me]

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    Default Re: SOT: The "story"...

    It's a great story.

    It never ceases to amaze me when I go to other studios (not so much in the last 15 months) and see them edit voiceover using other software. Painfully cumbersome and slow. When I get back here and carve up a narration, I appreciate all over again how easy it is to K and D down the timeline.
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    Default Re: SOT: The "story"...

    I read it long ago when it first was posted.

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