Good day,

In the process of assisting a new SAW user, I am endeavouring to establish three criteria:

1) To develop 3 scenarios
2) To backup that data
3) To restore that data

The scenarios
Scenario 1: 4 Channel MIDI
Scenario 2: 8 Channel MIDI
Scenario 3: 4 Channel Audio

As I was soon to discover, F-Keys views do not store channel an alternative methodology needed to be employed.
* Sure, you could launch a 4 channel session, or an 8 channel session - then launching the appropriate .mxt data files. However, this process can be rather time-consuming.
* Thus, the use of an alternative methodology - "good 'ole cmd scripts"!

Thus, this particular cmd script performs the following:
1) Backs-up the data from each of the three scenarios.
2) Delete that data - for testing purposes
3) Launches SAW using the data from one the three previously backed-up scenarios.

1) What this script does is copies_and_overwrites four key data files namely, 1) SAWStudio64.fky, 2) SAWStudio64Alt.fky, 3) Studio_Midi_WorkShop64.fky and 4) SAWStudio64.mxt
2) Launches the appropriate Session .edl data file

In closing...
If anyone would be interested in this script...just let me know.