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    Default Live remote session work from SawStudio?

    I now sometimes do remote sessions live from my studio. I want to be able to use SawStudio in these, but am having difficulty.

    I have started getting into live real time collaboration with a friend who lives about an hour away from me. We have started using SessionWire, which combines one on one "meeting" capability and the ability to share full stereo HD audio live. It also allows very easy drag and drop file transmission. Its preferred way to send audio from a DAW is a VST3 send plugin, but one can also send audio from a stereo pair of sound interface inputs. My friend uses Cakewalk by Bandlab, and using Sessionwire on my main computer and AnyDesk on my laptop, I can actually engineer sessions in real time running his rig from my studio.

    Thing is, at some point I like to transfer work into SawStudio, which remains my preferred platform. I need to integrate the use of SawStudio into live remote session work, and I have reason to do this from both 32 bit and 64 bit Saw. Many of my projects in the 32 bit version need to stay there because they rely on things that I can't integrate into SS64.

    So here is where I am hitting a wall. As we all know, SS doesn't do VST3. I have a utility that sometimes works for bridging plugins for SS use, but on some of them the result causes SS to freeze and have to be force terminated from Windows Task Manager. Is there any utility known to successfully bridge or convert VST3 into both 64 and 32 bit? Alternatively, is there any chance at all of VST3 capability being included in SS (preferably in both 32 and 64 bit)?

    There is another possible workaround, but I'm putting that in another thread.
    Cary B. Cornett
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    Default Re: Live remote session work from SawStudio?

    Try BlueCat Patchworks plugin... it should load all vst3 plugins and it can happily load itself into SAC and SAWStudio.

    Bob L

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    Default Re: Live remote session work from SawStudio?

    If all else fails, you might consider Elk Live ( which is meant to be a hardware/software tool to promote live jamming online with very low lag. It's not exactly what you are looking for - but it's (purportedly) very cool. Everybody in the band buys one box, hooks their computer up to it, and hooks the box to the Internet. Then you can play together in realtime. The software allows rudimentary mixing for each musician, so you can listen to the mix that you choose. And you could record that mix - but not each individual feed. For something like a trap set, you would pre-mix and then send the mix to the box. It's been a little while since I investigated it, but I'm thinking that each box allows two inputs - so you could play and sing from each location.

    I'm desperate to acquire a use case for one of these. But all of my old musician friends don't have broadband. I imagine us getting together virtually on a regular basis to rehearse - covid free and from the comfort of our own homes.

    Ah - upon additional investigation, the box has an ADAT connecter - but it is not being used yet. One presumes that when it is it could be used to split all the feeds (or, anyway, up to 8 of them) into separate DAW inputs. Unknown when/if that will happen, but it might be presumed that it is at least intended since the ADAT hardware is not cheap. The important point is that the issue is not that all the feeds use up too much bandwidth since you already have rudimentary mixing capability for each channel now. That is - each box already gets the splits.
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