Good day,

Some time ago, someone on the forum was "BnC'ing" about "404 errors", and I felt is was necessary to explain the cause for this anomaly.

Two things were the subsequent cause for this anomaly...

1) A change in the hosting provider
2) A change in the hosting server

Though the first was not necessarily the cause for this anomaly, the second cause most definitely was!

Though I am not at all certain what OS was being employed for the initial hosting provider, I do know that the second is using Linux - which is, interestingly, "case sensitive!!"

This meant an update to all of the paths in any of the postings that I had previously made...which, in short is "pretty darn near impossible!!"

What this means to you then, is that if you happen to come across a "404 Error" that you send me an email noting the posting that is in error and I will update that posting accordingly.

Sound good? Great!

PS: My apologies for any inconveniences that has resulted in the above changes.