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    Default SOT: RME to the rescue!!!

    Good day,

    Due to a major change to the ampsim software that I am employing, I had to make the move to WIN10 LTSC!

    So, I am figur'in, "Hmm...Does RME have WIN 10 drivers for the HDSP9632 that was originally developed back in November of 2003?"

    Well, "low-and-behlold"...not only does RME have WIN10 drivers available, but that these drivers had been updated on "2023-07-13"!!

    Wow!! What a wonderful company to work with!!

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    Default Re: SOT: RME to the rescue!!!

    I agree with you about RME. Their stuff just works - and well. Using it makes everything else easier. Arranging for that to be the case takes constant, purposeful, consideration on their part. It doesn't surprise me that there is a modern driver for their ancient hardware. It's just how they roll.

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    Default Re: SOT: RME to the rescue!!!

    RME even has new drivers for the HDSP9652 in Win10 and 11
    Could not be happier with an interface company.

    When I Upgrade it will be RME.

    Jeez I should get compensated for this promotion.

    Warren @ The Masters Tracks

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