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    Default "Configuration and Scenes"

    Good day,

    Recently, I had to update my current configuration to add one more vocal and a keyboard.

    Knowing what I do know about SAC's configuration and scene capabilities, I was able to complete this setup in well under 20 minutes.

    Then, being able to save this configuration to a dedicated data file, makes recurring deployment of this configuration, as well as existing configurations both "quick-and-easy"!

    What I always find continually amazing about SAC...and SAW as well, is that I am continually learning new ways of employing this software.

    The ways in which Bob has both designed and configured his software, makes the deployment of this software both user-friendly and "intuitive".

    Though many of my acquaintance tend to consider SAC as "dated software", when they finally have the opportunity of observing SAC in action, many tend to overlook such "dated-ness" - with others, know...

    "Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort." John Ruskin
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