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    Default WOT: Is "Newer"... really-and-truly "better"!

    Good day,
    I do hope that this day finds you all well! Especially in light of all that " going on these days!"

    To begin with, the forum appears to be somewhat quiet as of late.

    Secondly, I have employed various "guitar amp sims" over the years...all totally unrelated to G.A.S issues...please believe me!
    * My last listing noted over one hundred various offerings! My-oh-my!!

    Thirdly, in an attempt to stay "current", you oftentimes feel "pressured" to obtain the latest offerings as many tend to tout that doing so, will "...keep you inspired"...all the more! But are their assertions true...or even valid? Maybe not!

    Of my overall favourite amp sims, namely Guitar Rig 5, S-Gear, and TH-U - the one that tends to "inspire" me more, is the 2016 edition of Guitar Rig 5!
    * Interestingly, on the GR5 forum, I had heard over-and-over-and-over-again how "dated" GR5 was! I mean, the overall backlash was rather incessant to say the least! And yet, GR5 continues to be my overall favourite! Does this respective anomaly seem all that unfamiliar here on THIS forum? "Hmmmm....interesting...indeed!"

    Granted, we each will always find some quirk in "a thing"...that we wish could be improved, but at the end of the day, all that really-and-truly should matter is what inspires each of us " keep...keepin' on!" SAC continues to do does SAW...and MWS.

    As a "solo finger-style guitarist"...simply meaning that I do not "sing", I have four "women[1]" in my life, 1) my wife, 2) my nylon-strung, 3) my steel-strung and 4) my electric. Over the past year-or-so, I have somewhat been neglecting woman No.4...Today GR5 has changed all of that!
    [1]1An adult human female. Oooooppppsss!

    Anyhow, maybe you can let me know what "inspires" you... " keep...keepin' on!"

    Thank you for your time...appreciated!

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    Default Re: WOT: Is "Newer"... really-and-truly "better"!

    Hi, Two Notes makes ''Genome'' which have a pretty sound and some nice features. As I'm still with the Saw 32 I don't know how it works on Saw 64.

    And in Saw 32 I'm still using Amplitube 3 in wich I often found some pleasant simulations, especially the Trace Heliot for bass. Not a pcu eager

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