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    Default Windows alternative for SS?

    Microsoft's whole Windows 11 thing and related issues have made me nervous. When Win10 support ends (no more security patches), I really don't want to be forced into another more demanding of power version of Windows. At one time I looked for ReactOS to bridge that gap, but I don't know that it will ever get there.

    Is there any chance of making SawStudio work in some other OS environment? Has anyone, for example, tried running SS using Linux with WINE? I really don't want to lose the use of SS, so I'm looking for ways to "future proof" my situation.
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    Default Re: Windows alternative for SS?

    Stick with Windows 10 for as long as you can... you don't need any more updates... in fact I do my best to stop the machine from updating... set up your system and keep it clean from the internet loading it up with unwanted updates.

    Bob L

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    Default Re: Windows alternative for SS?


    One of the very, very, very, very [ad infinitum...] best things, that could ever happen to a piece of software, is to leave simply leave that software alone!!

    Once a piece of software is "out of BETA", then, we can be assured of "...continuing on!!"

    For your interest, on my office system, I am employing Windows 7 SP1, on an i5, Gen 2 processor...simply meaning that the hardware is nearly 14 years old! And...all is fine!

    On my "Live Rig" system, I HAD to update to WIN10 - simply because the amp sim software demanded it!!
    • However, now that I am reverting back to GR5 [...from 2016], I will happily revert back to WIN7!

    Anyhow, I DO hope that this helps you Carey?

    PS: Bob is so correct here!!
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    Default Re: Windows alternative for SS?

    The gotcha is that various plugins or the quest for more speed takes you to new hardware which older versions of windows may not install on due to device drivers, planed obsolescence, etc.

    I went down that path (twice) because I bought a machine which turned out not to run a version of windows that supported firewire, and then the flaky Presonus Series III mixer windows driver didn't work well with the AMD chipset I tried again on an intel - it still screws up if windows boots before the mixer. It is a stupid problem for them to have allowed to continue so long because it actually works very well once you get it going (your thread is reminding me to check for new firmware). It's now (I think) on windows 11. Which once you strip everything down you can get to work nicely with saw. I got it looking pretty much like the classic desktop and after a few seconds of POST boots in less than 10 more. After all that labor, I had to put about 40 second of delay in the bios to give the mixer time to fully boot.

    The machine I replaced was from early 2000s. At work we had tons of machines failing from blown capacitors from the same time-period and I was starting to feel concerned when mine was getting toward 15 or 20 years.

    Anyway, saw works quite well on the new OS.

    Edit: Confirmed - Win 11.
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