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    Just wondering if there is a function that allows you to turn off the text that appears in the MT entries?

    Sometimes the text blocks the visabilty of the wavefile.



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    It is right in your multitrack menu. "Entry Name Position"
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    Using the same menu, you can move the text to the top or bottom of the wave file so it doesn't obscure the wave file.

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    Try out the Auto Stereo mode also... which auto centers the text between L/R waveforms for stereo tracks.... that way you can set the text at the top or bottom for mono and it will center between the channels for stereo.

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    The text will sometimes obscure your view of the waveform no matter where you have it set to display in instances where you are viewing many tracks at once (the verticle zoom is way out). Once you zoom in to a few tracks (maybe as many as 10-12 is sufficient, opposed to 16-20, say, but certainly 8 tracks or less), then choosing something other than "center" will work nicely, I find.


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