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    As we kick off the new SAWStudio newsgroup, with new members signing on daily, I wanted to go over a few simple tips for getting the most out of your experience here.


    You'll notice when you log in, that any threads containing new posts appear at the top of the page. A quick way to view the first unread message in any post is to click the little blue square with the arrow next to any thread. Once you have viewed the last message in that thread, the thread will be marked as read.

    When you are done reading a thread, you can quickly jump back to the main forum index by either clicking the SAWStudio link in the upper left corner where it says SAWStudio User Group > SAWStudio, or by selecting SAWStudio in the 'Forum Jump' drop down list box at the bottom right of the page.


    One of the benefits of this type of newsgroup is the ability to subscribe to threads. By subscribing to any thread, you will be notified via email once a new message is posted to that thread. This is a favorite option for those who are too busy to keep checking back to see if their post has been replied to. Simply wait for that email which will contain a direct link to the reply, along with the reply text itself! To subscribe, once a thread is being viewed, from the Thread Tools drop down located above the message posts, select Subscribe to this Thread. You will be prompted to add that subscription to your subscription list. Click Add Subscription, and that's all there is to it! You may easily unsubscribe whenever you wish, and you may subscribe to as many threads as you wish simultaneously.


    There are several user options available to you by clicking on the User CP (Control Panel) link on the left side of the main navigation bar. Here you may add personal info about yourself, change the way messages are viewed, set up email and private message preferences, and even add an avatar which is a small graphic which will be viewed next to each of your posts.

    We want you to enjoy your visits here and stop back frequently. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop us a line at and we'll be happy to help!

    Thanks again for being here!!

    Jeanne Quinn
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