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  1. Talking How do it loop playback in MT? is there hotkey?

    I see the loop button right there..i know i can click it with the mouse..but is there a hot key to activate it in the MT for playback of a marked area?
    i cant find it anywhere in the manual

    Im looking for the keyboard shortcut to "loop" in MT

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    All the modifier keys are used up for special play options in the MT that won out over the need to start a MT loop... so for now... you must click on the loop button for that option.

    The Ctrl-Right-click can be used in the SoundFile View for loop playback there... and that is a seamless loop that can be adjusted on the fly for creating perfect loop regions while listening.

    Bob L

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    thanks Bob your awesome you know that?
    Id vote for Bob for president of the DAW planet

    another quikie..please
    when i have several rythem tracks that and im tryen to figure out a lead part to..

    Is there a way to say for example..I selct a part i want to loop and put somthing to ...
    wink twice and press the orange key and snort ..(or whatever it is) and the track shows up
    in the soundfile player with all the rythem tracks and set up ready for looped playback..all i have to do is press play or whatever the sequence of keys to get a looped playback

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    Not quite sure what you are trying to accomplish... but as it is now, to practice a lead part in a section, just mark the MT section and click the loop play button... it will loop over and over while you practice. If you want to monitor your new instrument sound thru the virtuial console, just assign a chan to the input device your signal is plugged into and it will monitor as a live input as the MT loops. Of course for live input monitoring, you must be using low latency buffer settings.

    If you want to do looped multi-take recordings, then use the MultiTake Record setup in the Retake section of the Record Transport... you may want to read the helpfile for more details on how that works.

    Bob L

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