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    Default SAW64 Recorded corrupted WAV files from SAC-Link

    SAW64 Recorded corrupted WAV files from SAC-Link. They are all the same size, but they won't open in ANY program I tried: SoundForge, VLC, Movavi (file converter). Is there any way to recorver these? SAW64 was recording, but when I clicked stop, there was some error message about incompatible file format or some such. This was a band I recorded before a radio interview. The interview was a new session and it seemed to record o.k. I think everything was set the same, so I don't know why the first session was corrupted.

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    Can you reopen them in the original SAW session?
    If so, you may just be best off to Export tracks to soundfiles - found in the Process/Mixdown menu, to create new wav files of all the tracks.
    You could also use the Extract Session routine found in the File menu, or Save and Trim Session, also found in the File menu - both of which would let you retain a (hopefully) fully functional SAW session at the same time, assuming you save either of those routines to a new session folder.

    At least this would give you some ways to quickly access the tracks as new wav files and you could sus out the details of whatever corruption occurred to the originals at a later time, if necessary.

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    Try using the "Open Soundfile and Fix Header" option in the File menu... you would do this for each track in the corrupted group of files... and see if it fixes the corrupted headers.

    Bob L

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