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    I upgraded from 3.1 to 4.6a just put it on top)) I use - 3 bcf 2000.
    I used to use "midi-ox" virtual cable in midi divice setup. Was alone
    appeared in 3 devices !!! now at a loss how to configure midi ports!

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    If I remember correctly, you select the BCF-2000-24ch midi template, and set up each of your BCF's in the 3 "slots" in the Midi Device Setup. That should be it!
    Peter Olsen

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    is it possible? without third-party programs only SAC manage 3 bcf 2000?

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    Yes... there are three midi slots to talk to three midi controllers.

    Bob L

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    since I don't see more than one (win 10 also sees 3 sac 3 identical devices
    found this
    help or this
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    When you're using the virtual cable, you'll see just one device (because the virtual cable emulates on midi device for SAC).
    If you just connect each device seperately to your pc, you'll see three devices.

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