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    Default Lost View of Record Transport

    I'm in SawStudio 32. Lost View of Record Transport while in Record mode.
    1. I can view Meter ... while in record
    2. MT is recording region
    3. Can only Stop Record by keyboard (SpaceBar)
    4. Can restart record with Enter Key.
    5. NO access to Menu. (So no closing of SawStudio - without TaskManager)
    6. Alt-Tab for various other screens in Windows - no Record transport (of course)
    7. Closed all windows inside SawStudio... no Record Transport

    Never happened before! Weird. Ideas? (before I task manager out of this)

    UPDATE: Saved session (via keyboard) and TaskManager Closed SS.
    Reopened session, and it Record Transport works fine (can't repeat issue).

    Call it Solved... with just a note:
    Analysis: Condition was Extremely Rare
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    Carl G.
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    Default Re: Lost View of Record Transport

    Shortcuts might still work. First, try Ctrl-S to save. Then Alt, F, X might close SS.
    Ian Alexander
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    Default Re: Lost View of Record Transport

    I got the impression years ago that saw's design used windows (graphics) apis extensively - thus no additional OSs like many daws. That said, SS32 is what? 25 ago, so some of the windows dependencies may have been obsoleted.

    EDIT: I misread the original post and then went on to typo the response. I was thinking the pre sawpro (antique) saw32 (then referred to it as ss32). Must have been sleepy - disregard this reply.
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