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    Default Re: SAC 64 is locking up

    Quote Originally Posted by Larry Burger View Post
    I will check that but it also will lock up if I try and rename a channel (only if the engine is live - not live and all is well).
    The symptoms sure sound like a dialog box hiding somewhere, waiting for you to hit 'OK'...

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    Default Re: SAC 64 is locking up

    Yes I that may be it but why when I just try to name a channel does it happen?

    And the name box shows any old text but I don't have control to add any text.

    But you could be right, I did move SAC and any other windows out of the way to see but I could have covered something.

    I will stay on it and reply back but it has been happening for months so an answer may not be rapid...

    I appreciate everyone assisting as you know to have a problem and feel alone sometimes assistance is comforting..

    Thank you.

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