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    Default VST Splitter Plugin

    Studio One has a "splitter" plugin that allows you to have up to 5 "splits" for parallel compression, parallel distortion, etc. Could this be built into SAC/SAW or be a native plugin?

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    Default Re: VST Splitter Plugin

    Try BlueCat Patchworks... already exists and is ready to go.

    Bob L

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    Default Re: VST Splitter Plugin


    Sorry, but I need some help, massive help

    I'm a real dummy when it comes to VSTs and software like Blucat Patchworks and
    another "chain" software.

    Been working in/with SAC 12 years and har been happy with Bob's native plugins, so I have never worked with VSTs.

    After updating to SAC64 I had start using VSTs, got some of them working, and a few of them I can use on my remote (a little limited).

    Downloded and installed
    BlueCat Patchworks, but I'm just not able to get it working.
    Or....the Patchworks works as a standalone, but I have no ide how to get it working in SAC or SAW. After googeling most of the day, and still no working patch/chain, I need your help....please


    Morten M

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    Hi there,

    Xlutop Chainer is also an alternative.Just convert the dll file to 64bit and you're ready to go.
    It's easy on CPU and plane simple to use, and the best of all enables you use plugins that have latency.
    Basically, you get to use plugins that othervise you would not be able to use in SAC.
    It's not free but you can't buy it right now online, as they have close the onlineshop.
    Guess you can contact the owner, but you can download the demo and test it.


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